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Code Review

CodeStream’s code reviews take all of the friction out of both requesting a review and performing a review, with the hope that you’ll do them frequently during the course of the development cycle.

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Activity Feed

Discover new codemarks, and new replies to codemarks, in a single activity feed. No need to jump from channel to channel to see the latest updates. You can also easily hone in on just codemarks where you’ve been mentioned.

Live View

Gain insight into what your teammates are working on.

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Create Permalinks to Blocks of Code

Link directly to blocks of code from your wiki, Github, a Jira ticket or anywhere you'd like to reference and link directly to some code. For codemarks shared to Slack or Microsoft Teams, you'll be able to open the codemark in your IDE directly from those posts, open the codemark on the web, or open the code on GitHub (and other VCS systems).

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View PR Comments in your IDE

Display merged Pull Request comments in your editor as annotations on the current version of your file. By integrating comments from GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab with CodeStream’s native codemarks in a single view, developers will gain deeper insight into why decisions were made, and get answers faster to questions about code they are working on.

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Discuss multiple code ranges

Many discussions about code involve more than just one block of code, and concepts are often best presented when you can refer to multiple code locations at once. For these situations simply attach at codemark to multiple ranges.

Discussing Code

CodeStream makes it easy to discuss code with your team by embedding real-time discussions into your favorite IDE.

Setting your Profile Photo

Add a little bit of personality to your code discussions.


Integrations Page How-To

Connect GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Jira, Trello, Azure DevOps, YouTrack, Asana, Microsoft Teams and Slack to your CodeStream account, and bring all of your fragmented code discussions into one unified view, where it belongs, in your editor.

CodeStream for Trello

Don't wait for code review. Create Trello cards at any time directly from your IDE.

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CodeStream for Slack

On a discussion by discussion basis you can decide to share out to a Slack channel. Teammates can participate from Slack or click on a link from Slack to go directly to the discussed block of code in their IDE.

CodeStream for Jira

Add a Jira ticket directly from your IDE, and it will be permanently linked to -and from- the code block it references.

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CodeStream for GitLab

View Merge Request comments and add GitLab issues directly from your IDE.

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CodeStream for GitHub

View PR comments and add GitHub issues directly from your IDE

How to Install
CodeStream for Bitbucket

View PR Comments and add Bitbucket issues directly from your IDE.

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CodeStream for Microsoft Teams

On a discussion by discussion basis you can decide to share out to any Microsoft Teams channel. Teammates can participate from Teams or click on a link from Teams to go directly to the discussed block of code in their IDE.

Live Presentations

Chicago CTO Summit 2019

On May 1, 2019 CodeStream CEO Peter Pezaris presented "When your best developers leave, does your knowledge about your code leave with them?"

Goto; Chicago 2018

Why Development Teams are Throwing Away Institutional Knowledge and How to Preserve it

Expert Guest Webinars

Rock Your Code Reviews

Learn the strategies and secrets of how high-performing teams at MIcrosoft and Google overcome the common pain points of code reviews with leading code review expert Dr. Michaela Greiler.

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On the Lighter Side

CodeStream Code Review Teaser

One of our first teaser videos just meant to give a taste of our code review functionality.

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Codemarks Rock

Codemarks, discussions about code linked directly to your codebase, seriously rock. Here's our first music video celebrating how much.

See for Yourself
2019 Year in Review

2019 was a great year for Team CodeStream. Check out this year-in-review originally produced for our entertaining Instagram account.

Team CodeStream on Instagram

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