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CodeStream 10.6 - Discussion resolutions published to Slack
February 19, 2021

CodeStream’s 10.5 release changed codemarks from discussions to team action items by making it clear which discussions haven’t been resolved. CodeStream 10.6 now gives you more power to let people know when a discussion has been resolved by broadcasting the update to Slack.

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CodeStream 10.5 - Codemarks can now be marked as Resolved, adding flexibility to shared knowledge
February 9, 2021

CodeStream’s codemarks are annotations, discussions or instructions connected to a block of code. They can be used to ask a question about the code, such as “How does it work?” They can also tell someone else to address a particular issue in a very informal way, no tickets involved. And they can serve as mini reviews of the code, providing guidance and suggestions. Codemarks were created with flexibility in mind, but until now there was no way to indicate that the issue addressed in the codemark has been resolved. That changes with version 10.5.

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Winner of the 2021 Devie for Best Coding Tool..... CodeStream!
February 4, 2021

We’re very excited to share that CodeStream won the 2021 DEVIES award for Best Coding Tool. The 2021 DEVIES Awards recognize excellence in developer tools, products & technology, across 20+ categories. With hundreds of nominations received for the 2021 DEVIES Awards, winners are selected based on attracting notable attention and awareness in the software industry, general regard and adoption by the developer, engineering & IT community and being a technical leader.

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CodeStream 10.4 - File Attachments & GitHub Status Checks
January 19, 2021

Enrich your discussions about code by attaching files directly to code blocks! Think about how much more compelling your comments and documentation become when you can: -Attach a spec to guide the development of a new feature. -Attach a log file to help debug an issue in the code. -Attach a mockup to help clarify some UI work. -Attach a screenshot to highlight a problem.

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VS Code, GitHub, and CodeStream: Choosing the best of all worlds
January 12, 2021

There is consensus among the thousands of developers we have surveyed that context switching is detrimental to productivity and staying in the zone. One way to reduce this is to integrate the essential tools developers use every day into their IDE. According to the latest Stack Overflow survey, the tools developers use most are GitHub, Jira, and Slack. In this post we will focus on the GitHub integration in Visual Studio Code and how it compares to CodeStream.

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CodeStream 10.3 - View and create Linear Issues in your IDE
January 8, 2021

CodeStream’s new Linear integration allows you to keep more of your workflow in the IDE, from starting work on an issue to creating new issues that are connected to the code. Once you’ve connected to Linear, all issues assigned to you that haven’t been completed will be listed.

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