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CodeStream 7.0: Code Reviews in your IDE, even on uncommitted code and WIP; Live View lets you see what your team is working on, and avoid merge conflicts
April 3, 2020

Request code review in your IDE: You can now request a code review from the “+” menu. CodeStream will package up all of the changes on your current branch and allow you to decide which files to submit for review. Unlike traditional reviews, CodeStream does not require that code be committed and pushed, so you can ask for a review of code in any state: whether finished or still a WIP. This greatly reduces the amount of friction to request a review, and encourages developers to get feedback earlier in the development process. 

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CodeStream 6.5 adds GitHub Authentication
March 31, 2020

GitHub users now have one less password to remember. CodeStream 6.5 brings GitHub authentication to CodeStream. During registration just select "Sign Up with GitHub" in lieu of entering your email and new password.Please note that even if you use GitHub to authenticate you can still use CodeStream for any BitBucket or Gitlab repos.

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CodeStream 6.4 - Code Review for JetBrains beta & Improved Notifications Settings for Everyone
March 27, 2020

CodeStream 6.4 brings more flexible notifications settings and in-IDE code review beta to JetBrains users.

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Code Reviews in Your IDE: A Strong “Thumbs Up”
March 11, 2020

This week CodeStream conducted a survey among select users to get their perspective on the value of conducting code reviews in their IDE instead of their current process, which takes place in a web browser, away from the place where code is actually written.

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Every Developer is Now a Remote Developer
March 10, 2020

The world looks different than it did a few weeks ago. As a result of the health emergency brought about by the virus, many companies are urging workers to work from home if their jobs allow it. Just in the last week Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, Apple and Facebook have all urged workers who can stay away from the office to do so, particularly in Washington state. This is likely to expand soon around the world.

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CodeStream 6.3 brings more powerful, and easier, filter and search capabilities
March 3, 2020

CodeStream 6.3 brings an overhaul to the Search tab. So much so that the page is now called “Filter & Search”, which is indicative of the powerful new filtering capabilities we’ve added. Click on the blue Filters button to see a new set of built-in filters that represent things that you might commonly want to see, like anything assigned to you, anything mentioning you, and anything with a certain tag. Additional filters for repo, branch and commit are just days away.

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