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CodeStream 10.0: All-New UI plus dozens of improvements
October 15, 2020

CodeStream 10.0 is a redesigned user experience that surfaces all the items you need to see, and do, in a customizable tree-based view that is always available. If you use VS Code, the CodeStream extension now lives in the sidebar, eliminating the need to manage the placement of the CodeStream pane.

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CodeStream 9.1 simplifies your PR workflow with toast notifications
October 6, 2020

CodeStream’s new notifications let you know when you’ve been added to a PR as either a reviewer or an assignee. And with a single click you can be reviewing the PR right inside your IDE, with an interface exactly like GitHub’s, but with full-file diffs.

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CodeStream Chrome and Firefox extensions connect PRs on the web to your IDE
September 30, 2020

Open GitHub pull requests in the CodeStream extension in your IDE, where you can update and review the PR. You can also open any GitHub issue, and with a single click you can create a feature branch to do your work and update your status on Slack.

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CodeStream 9.0 puts GitHub in your IDE
September 17, 2020

With CodeStream you can now create, review, and merge GitHub PRs without ever leaving your IDE. All with full source-tree and full file access, your favorite keybindings, and all the code intelligence embedded in your development environment.

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How Far Left Can You Shift
August 24, 2020

When you adopt a Shift Left approach, and developers start discussing code as they are writing it rather than once they are finished writing it, you can identify potential problems or approaches when changes are both possible and not very painful. What does it take to implement a Shift Left approach?

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CodeStream 8.3 - GitLab & Bitbucket Authentication Simplifies Workflow
August 3, 2020

GitLab and Bitbucket users can now get right to work when signing into CodeStream. CodeStream 8.3 allows you to authenticate with either of those services in lieu of entering your email and new password. Just select "Sign Up with GitLab" or "Sign Up with Bitbucket" during signup.

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