"CodeStream is the missing tool that helps engineers discuss and review code earlier and more often, and it saves that information where it matters most. No tool is perfect, but I give CodeStream 9 out of 10."

Alfredo Lopez, Director of Engineering, Hearst Communications

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"CodeStream has shortened our code review time by around 25%, which enables us to work more efficiently while maintaining quality. "

Bryce Doganer, Blockchain Engineer

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"Our code quality has definitely benefited from using CodeStream in our workflow.”

Arvind Agarwal, Head of Engineering

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"I’d recommend CodeStream as a better way for any software team to review code, but especially to those with remote developers."

Osama Abdelmoghni, Founder and CEO

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"VS Code Live Share + CodeStream are a match made in heaven."

Jonathan Carter, PM Live Share

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VM Ware

"This tool is radically changing the way I communicate with other developers to get a better understanding of the code."

Nilmax Moura, Sr. Software Engineer

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"CodeStream can significantly increase the productivity of an entire generation of software developers."

Jim Whitehead, CS Professor

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"Hands down one of the innovations that will disrupt the market. Once you try it, traditional ways of code collaboration feel obsolete."

Juris Vecvanags, Sr. Solutions Architect

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"Codestream is great! Having living documentation for a large codebase helps codify institutional knowledge. For any company with more than few developers, this would be immensely valuable."

Laks Srini, CTO

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