When a Tap on the Shoulder isn't Possible

When you're working remotely you can't just shout across the office or tap someone on the shoulder. That's where CodeStream shines. It's the best asynch way to ask and answer questions without leaving your IDE or breaking flow.

The Activity Feed Keeps Everyone in the Loop

Remote developers don't benefit from the passive knowledge transfer that takes place at the proverbial water cooler, over lunch, or with that shouting across with office. CodeStream's activity feed fills that gap by increasing transparency and letting everyone see, and learn, what is happening throughout the codebase.

Never ask "What are you talking about?

When working asynchronously or across time zones it is especially important everyone knows the context of what's being discussed. That's why all codemarks, even when shared to team chat services and issue trackers, link directly the lines of code being discussed.

Review code in the context of the author

Don't you think it's much better to see exactly what the code author was seeing when doing a code review. CodeStream's in-IDE code review lets you see the not just the full file but author's full source tree with just a click. After the review, you're brought right back to what you were working on.

Retain Everyone's Knowledge

When working remote sharing knowledge is particularly challenging. Capturing and retaining all the interaction builds a knowledge base over time that can help onboard new developers, explain decisions, and document your code.

Works with your existing tools and workflows

Messaging Services
Issue Trackers
Pull Requests
Programming languages
All programming languages are supported

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