Code Review in your IDE

CodeStream's lightweight code reviews let you request a review on any code regardless of the the current state of your repo, without the friction of save, branch, commit, push, create PR, email, pull, web, email, web.

Review Comments become Codemarks

Simply step through files to review and leave comments alongside code (just like native CodeStream comments). Your team's code review discussions remain attached to the code referenced. Use jump-to-definition, your favorite keybindings, and other IDE tools while conducting a review.

Review with Full Source Tree Context

Other code review tools only provide the review a tiny snippet of the code that surrounds the changes. CodeStream provides you access to the author's full source tree in the comfort and familiarity of your IDE so you don't need to switch windows nor break flow.

Proven Success

"I’d recommend CodeStream as a better way for any software team to review code, but especially to those with remote developers."
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"Our code quality has definitely benefited from using CodeStream in our workflow.”
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"CodeStream has shortened our code review time by around 25%, which enables us to work more efficiently while maintaining quality. "
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