Shift Left your Code Review

CodeStream's light weight Feedback Requests let you request a review on any code regardless of the current state of your repo, without the friction of save, branch, commit, push, create PR, email, pull, web, email, web.

Save Time and Improve Quality

Instead of waiting until the end of the development process for a big painful review, CodeStream makes it easy to conduct smaller reviews earlier. About done with one or two changes? Request a review of work-in-progress changes with no commit necessary.

Review with Full Source Tree Context

Other tools only provide the reviewer a tiny snippet of the code that surrounds the changes. CodeStream provides you access to the author's full source tree in the comfort and familiarity of your IDE so you don't need to switch windows nor break flow.

Feedback Comments become Codemarks

Simply step through files to review and leave comments alongside code (just like native CodeStream comments). Your team's code review discussions remain attached to the code they refer to. Use jump-to-definition, your favorite keybindings, and other IDE tools while conducting a review.

Proven Customer Success

"CodeStream is the missing tool that helps engineers discuss and review code earlier and more often, and it saves that information where it matters most. No tool is perfect, but I give CodeStream 9 out of 10."
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"I’d recommend CodeStream as a better way for any software team to review code, but especially to those with remote developers."
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"Our code quality has definitely benefited from using CodeStream in our workflow.”
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