Develop from anywhere while
staying in sync with your dev team.

Built by a distributed team for distributed teams.

CodeStream's founding team has been working together through twenty-three years and four startups. In all of that time, we've always worked remotely. We built CodeStream to address many of the challenges that remote teams face, to enable better collaborative development.

Real-time collaboration right in your IDE

Comments, questions, issues and much more are delivered in real-time to your teammates

Show your code before pushing it

Have a question about a code you’re authoring or modifying? Just select it and type your question - CodeStream is able to show it in the right place to your teammates whether you are on the same or different commits/branches, and even if you haven’t even committed your changes yet.

Access your team’s knowledge even when they are offline

The knowledge base built with Codemarks is accessible 24/7 - the answer to every question ever asked about your codebase will always be within reach

Remember what is important after leaving a call

CodeStream is the perfect complement to any call or Live Share. By creating Codemarks while on a call, the knowledge can be preserved, shared and easily accessible later. “Where was that code you showed me?” - it’s right here in your knowledge base.

Point to the code you want to discuss without having to share your screen

Screen sharing calls can be difficult to coordinate, especially across different time zones. With Codemarks, the context of your conversation is readily accessible to your teammates whenever they are available to join the discussion.

Works with your existing tools and workflows

Messaging Services
Issue Trackers
Pull Requests
Programming languages
All programming languages are supported, from A# to Z++

Boost your productivity.
Let us show you how.

Discussing code and collaborating can be difficult which is why it doesn't happen often enough, particularly with developers working remotely.

Schedule a personal demo with our product team and see how facilitating code discussion can boost your team's productivity and improve the quality of your code base.

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