CodeStream helps you ship code faster

Get an answer from your teammates about a tricky code block before you commit.
Show a teammate a potential solution before it goes to code review.

Built by a team of developers with 20 years of communication experience.
Used by dev teams all over the world.

Keep your codebase clean

Inline comments in code have to be committed & pushed, and external documents get out of date. CodeStream's codemarks allow anyone to jump in ask a question, post a comment, or track an issue.
All without having to commit!

Keep your focus on developing by staying in your IDE

Love living in your IDE? Use Trello? Asana? BitBucket?
CodeStream supports a bunch of tools, so you can track that issue without even leaving your IDE.

Messaging Services
Issue Trackers
Pull Requests
Programming languages
All programming languages are supported, from A# to Z++

Understand your codebase better

Never before has it been so easy to talk about code right in your IDE. Use Slack? Great! Chat in real-time with your teammates. CodeStream's annotations or "codemarks" allows anyone to jump in and ask a question, post a comment, or track an issue, and it’s stored right in your Slack organization.

See how it's done:

Try it for free.
Pay if you love it.

Discussing code can be difficult which is why it doesn't happen often enough.

Schedule a personal demo with our product team and see how facilitating code discussion can streamline your team's code reviews and improve the quality of your code base.

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