Build Smarter, More Effective and Efficient Teams

Stop losing knowledge to /dev/null. CodeStream enables dev teams to capture all the discussions and decisions that shape your codebase with your codebase — building a knowledge base behind your codebase.

Used by top CTOs all over the world

Avoid Brain Drain.

Losing a key developer can be devastating to any team, but with CodeStream since you've captured that institutional knowledge other team members can much more quickly and easily step in and fill the void. Also since this knowledge is distributed, you can ramp new team members quickly with less time and strain on your key (and most productive) developers.

Code Smarter. Save Time. Reduce Defects.

By harnessing the power of CodeStream's knowledge base, dev teams can understand code more effectively and efficiently. There is a high correlation in how well a team understands code and the defects created. Simply, a more understandable codebase is a better codebase. CodeStream also integrates with the tools you already use -- task management, error reporting, etc.

Let CodeStream Power-up Your Teams

CodeStream powered teams can:

Be smaller and more effective

Through reduced context switching and cost of code-orientation, teams can do more with less, faster

Reduce defect rates

Through better targeted documentation of high risk areas of code, pitfall avoidance, complex but necessary code, etc

Spend less time on debt

When debt is more effectively surfaced, it can be paid when it is most efficient to do so

Be happier

Teams that better understand their code are more confident and happier which leads to better outcomes

Be more productive

Teams that spend less time context-switching and more time focused on problem solving are far more productive

Understand more code quicker and easier

By turning conversation into documentation, your codebase is instantly more approachable and understandable

Works with your existing tools and workflows

CodeStream enhances your existing services by connecting them to your source tree.
Capture institutional knowledge about your codebase without disrupting existing workflows.

IntelliJ IDEA
VS Code
Visual Studio
Android Studio
Pull Requests
GitHub PRs
GitHub Enterprise PRs
Bitbucket PRs
Bitbucket Server PRs
GitLab MRs
GitLab Self-Managed MRs
Issue Trackers
GitHub Issues
GitHub Enterprise Issues
JIRA Server
BitBucket Issues
GitLab Issues
GitLab Self-Managed Issues
Azure DevOps
New Relic One
Messaging Services
MS Teams
Programming languages
All programming languages are supported.

See how it's done:

Boost your productivity.
Let us show you how.

Discussing code and collaborating can be difficult which is why it doesn't happen often enough, particularly with developers working remotely.

Schedule a personal demo with our product team and see how facilitating code discussion can boost your team's productivity and improve the quality of your code base.

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