CodeStream 6.0: Code discussion with granular control over sharing, fewer Slack/MS Teams permissions required, new activity feed

January 14, 2020

IMPORTANT: If you are a current CodeStream user that originally signed up using your Slack or Microsoft Teams credentials, a migration package will be released in the near future.  We will notify you when it’s ready.

What’s new

  • Reduced Slack/MS Teams Permissions: Slack sharing without the need to give CodeStream broad access to your Slack workspace (Important to admins and infosec).
  • Activity Feed:  Discover new codemarks (comments on code), and replies to codemarks, in a single stream.
  • Granular sharing: As you comment on code, you can now share out to a Slack channel or DM, so your questions or comments are shared in the right context (Microsoft Teams coming soon!). You can also choose not to share on Slack. All comments and discussions will be visible to your teammates in their editor as annotations to your codebase.
  • Default Channels: optionally set a default Slack channel for each of your repos, so comments always get published to the right place.
  • Email notifications: CodeStream will optionally notify you via email when someone has mentioned you, has commented on code you wrote, or replied to a question you have asked. You also have granular control over what codemarks you want to receive by email, with the ability to also manually follow/unfollow individual conversations.
  • Issue assignments: Just like an @mention, so you can be sure the assignee is notified.
  • Teams tab: A new tab in CodeStream’s top navigation provides easy access to all your teammates, and the ability to invite people to the team.
  • Repo name: Now displayed within codemarks.
  • VS Code keybindings: More consistent keyboard shortcuts behavior in VS Code.
  • Real Estate: Styling fixes for users with narrow monitors.


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

About CodeStream

CodeStream helps development teams discuss, review and understand code. CodeStream links comments and issues directly to the code blocks they refer to, making them instantly available to everyone on the team.  

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