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CodeStream 4.0 Brings PR Comments into your Favorite IDE

Claudio PinkusClaudio Pinkus
October 1, 2019

CodeStream now displays merged Pull Request comments in your editor as annotations on the current version of your file.  By integrating PR comments from GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab merge requests with CodeStream’s native codemarks in a single view, developers will gain deeper insight into why decisions were made, and get answers faster to questions about code they are working on.

To include PR comments in your CodeStream pane, you simply authenticate with GitHub or BitBucket credentials by turning on the toggle switch at the bottom of the CodeStream pane.  

Merged PR comments will then appear, attached to the code block they refer to, interspersed with any codemarks originating from CodeStream.  As the code evolves, the location of the comments is automatically updated to the correct range, as is the case with codemarks.

The PR toggle joins two others in the same location. One allows you to view archived codemarks in context, in order to get a complete picture of all codemarks for a given file; the other allows you to view those same codemarks as a list.

CodeStream 4.0 works with the same array of editors and issue trackers supported by our previous version, including Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Atom, and the full family of JetBrains editors including IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, PhpStorm, WebStorm, RubyMine, AppCode, CLion, GoLand, DataGrip, Rider, MPS, Android Studio.


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

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