Discuss Code where you code

Only CodeStream lets you discuss code with your teammates inside your IDE. Highlight code to ask a question or make comment. One-click navigation for to the file and line of code being discussed. Yes, we've been told it's amazing that nothing like this existed before.

Share to Slack or Teams

Comments and questions can easily (and optionally) be shared to the Slack or Teams channel of your choice to notify other team members, including those not on CodeStream. Teammates can reply right from Slack or Teams. Learn more about our Slack integration and Teams integration.

Discussing multiple blocks of code?

CodeStream allows you to attach a single comment to multiple blocks of code, even in different files. Great for grouping related elements, such as text that is formatted by a style sheet, or dependencies that affect performance.

Ping the right people

CodeStream will automatically at-mention the author of any code you want to discuss (and you can, of course, at-mention others). How do we know? We do the git-blame for you.

One Click to the Code Being Discussed

Whether from CodeStream, Slack, or Teams, a single click will bring you right to the code being discussed so you can participate with complete context.

Insight into Everything Being Discussed

CodeStream's activity feed lets you see both what's new for you as well as the latest on all the discussions happening with your dev team. For remote teams it's like listening to other devs on your team discuss challenges and solutions around the "water-cooler".

Works with your existing tools and workflows

Messaging Services
Issue Trackers
Pull Requests
Programming languages
All programming languages are supported

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