Eight Scenarios CodeStream Improves


Your Rockstar Developer Leaves

Given today’s high turnover in tech companies, chances are your best developers will leave within the next 18 months. Where is the knowledge of those rockstars being saved today? If you’re like most companies, the answer is not encouraging. With CodeSream, their knowledge remains forever, right at the fingertips of everyone on the dev team.

Onboarding New Employees

Learning a new codebase can be daunting. Time spent can be frustrating for a new developer reluctant to interrupt teammates. Meanwhile the rest of the team is anxiously waiting for contribution. Add to that, fewer than 20% of developers use internal tools to learn about the codebase they were hired to work on, leaving developers largely on their own in figuring out the right path forward. With CodeStream’s knowledge base, once a question is asked and answered, it’s saved so it never needs to be asked, nor answered, again. Whether noting some codemarks alongside code being worked on, or just reading through all the prior comments in the knowledge base, CodeStream dramatically reduces onboarding time.

"Ooooh... that looks bad"

Not everything gets caught in code review. But every once in a while you come across some code that you know to be problematic just by browsing through the tree. CodeStream makes it easy to do continuous code review by creating an issue on the fly and assigning it to the dev who is responsible.

Get those #FIXMEs fixed

We’ve all been there. Been is a rush to get something done and you just know you’re going into technical debt with some suboptimal code. But you rationalize by adding a #FIXME comment as if that’ll get it fixed faster. But then you move on to the next high-priority task, and the next, and with each the #FIXME seem like less of a priority to fix. With a codemark, you can easily leave some more depth notes about what needs to be fixed without cluttering the codebase with a block of inline comments and your teammates will be made aware and may be able to offer some immediate resolution. Even if not, the existence of the issue and detailed notes will be viewable via the knowledge base increasingly the likelihood that you or someone on the team helping out will actually clean it up.

"WTF is going on here?"

We all need some help on occasion figuring out something someone else wrote. But we’re reluctant to ask primarily because with general purpose communication tools it is simply too cumbersome. With CodeStream, just highlight the codeblock and ask your question. It’s more likely to get answered quickly too.

"Don't Touch This Code!"

Every codebase has some sensitive sections, think those with billing or security implications, that you absolutely don’t want someone touching - at least not with a discussion about the implications. With the same effort as sending out a Slack message and/or adding an in-line comment, CodeStream lets you add a comment to lets everyone know it’s a critical section, so it's easy discuss before any edits are made.

What's the right way to build a new component?

Collect all of the knowledge about your codebase through a traditional Q&A knowledge base, and connect it to the teams, repositories, and developers it impacts.

Communicating changes that impact teammates

Ever defined a variable as a const in one file and needed to change it in other places? Other files that may be in other branches and being worked on by other developers? CodeStream is hands down the best way to communicate changes that may have ramificiations to others on your team. Highlight the code, add the codemark, and everyone knows exactly what needs to done.

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