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CodeStream's cloud-based service and IDE plugins help dev teams discuss, review, and understand code. Enhance your existing services by connecting them to your source tree, and capture knowledge about your codebase while streamlining existing workflows.

CodeStream Captures Knowledge About Your Code, Speeds Up Onboarding of New Devs, and Improves Code Quality

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According to the 2018 Stack Overflow developer survey, less than 20% of developers report using internal documentation when trying to address coding issues at work. In fact, some report spending as much as 75% of their time trying to understand the code they inherited, which is often poorly documented

8 Companies From YC Winter 2018

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CodeStream is team chat for developers, built directly into your source code editor. For the first time, developers can discuss code where they code. Early reaction to CodeStream has been overwhelmingly positive. During the first public presentation of the product at Developer Week In Oakland CA last month, over 400 companies signed up to try the product.

NYC Seed Funding Holds Steady as 208 Draws to a Close

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The rise of Slack and other chat platforms has changed the way employees communicate and digest information. is doubling down on this trend by transforming all email communication into a chat-like experience to increase employee engagement, while CodeStream is inserting chat capabilities directly into codebases.

CodeStream, Inc. Announced Today the Completion of its Seed Round of Financing, Led by s28 Capital

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New York City, November 19, 2018 — CodeStream, Inc. announced today that it has raised $3.2M in seed capital to develop and market its toolset for software developers. The investment was led by S28 Capital with participation by PJC. Additional investors include Y Combinator, Steve Sordello, Mark Stein and David Carlick.

CodeStream wants to move developer chat straight to the source code

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There are tons of services out there from Slack to Jira that are designed to help developers communicate with one another about code issues, but there is a surprising dearth of tools that have been purpose-built to provide communication capabilities right in the IDE where developers work. CodeStream, a member of the Y Combinator Winter 2018, aims to fix that.

CodeStream lets you collaborate and talk directly in VS Code

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Adding comments to your code is nothing new. But what if you could @-mention your co-workers and start a thread about a specific part of your code? Meet CodeStream, a Y Combinator-backed startup that wants to do just that.

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