QA Engineer

CodeStream is looking for someone who can rise to the challenge of being a startup company’s first full-time QA engineer. You’ll help define how QA will work at our fast-growing company, with an emphasis on automation and a recognition of the “shift left” mentality. At the same time, given our early stage and rapid pace of change, you must be willing to roll up your sleeves and do some manual testing. Lastly, as a service that will ultimately live as a plugin to a large number of IDEs/editors, as well as on the web, CodeStream will present some unique QA challenges that may not map directly to your past experiences. It will be incumbent upon you to find the appropriate tools and best practices to apply to our situation.


  • Specify and execute test cases for the CodeStream platform
  • Document issues, bugs and improvement requests using an issue-tracking system
  • Investigate, reproduce and help to identify the root cause of user-reported issues
  • Provide feedback to product owner about new planned features
  • Provide feedback to design team about user experience
  • Use manual and automated tests to ensure the interoperability of CodeStream in all supported IDEs and product versions
  • Setup Git repositories to emulate real-world codebases
  • Verify backend data to assert its correctness and investigate defects
  • Research and suggest appropriate tools and technologies to automate CodeStream's tests in different IDEs and operating systems
  • Orchestrate automated test execution via Continuous Integration platform


  • 3 or more years of experience with testing
  • Programming skills
  • Experience writing functional test cases
  • Experience writing automated tests for web and/or desktop applications
  • Experience setting-up automated test infrastructure
  • Experience writing MongoDB queries
  • Experience with Git


  • Experience with Selenium/WebDriver
  • Experience with Spectron
  • Experience with SwingFEST or other Java Desktop test automation framework
  • Experience testing distributed systems

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity please contact

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