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Supercharge your IDE

Request and perform code reviews right inside your IDE without breaking from your development flow. Review changes in the context of the full source tree, using your favorite keybindings and environment.

Collaborate without Friction

Discussing and reviewing code is now as simple as highlighting the code and typing a question, comment, or suggestion. CodeStream's IDE plugins take the pain out of code reviews, help resolve issues faster, and improve code quality by simplifying remote and asynchronous communication among developers on your team.

In IDE Code Reviews

Build the Knowledge Base Behind Your Codebase

CodeStream turns code reviews and conversation into documentation by capturing all of the discussion about your code, and saving it with your code. Comment and code review threads are automatically repositioned as your code changes, even across branches. All with zero effort on your part.

Works with your existing tools and workflows

Messaging Services
Issue Trackers
Pull Requests
Programming languages
All programming languages are supported

Packed with features. Easy to use.

CodeStream servers do not require access to your codebase. Discussion threads are linked to blocks of code through references. Messages are always encrypted in transit and at rest.

Multiple IDE support

Love your editor? No switching required. Communicate across all your team’s IDEs seamlessly.

Works across branches

We sync across branches to keep your conversations and code references accurate - even on local versions.

Avoid context switches

Asking a question is a simple as selecting the code and typing. Keep your focus on coding without switching context.

Discussions saved alongside your codebase

/*Legacy code comments*/ are effective because of their proximity to the code they refer to.  CodeStream works the same way, linking content to blocks of code.

Automatic at-mentions

If you have a question about code, the best person to ask is the author(s). CodeStream automatically does a git-blame for you and at-mentions them as you type your question.

One-click navigation

When a new message referring to a block of code is posted, clicking on it will open your editor to the correct file, scrolled to the location that contains the codeblock.

Elite companies trust CodeStream

Proven Customer Success

"CodeStream is the missing tool that helps engineers discuss and review code earlier and more often, and it saves that information where it matters most. No tool is perfect, but I give CodeStream 9 out of 10."
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"I’d recommend CodeStream as a better way for any software team to review code, but especially to those with remote developers."
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"Our code quality has definitely benefited from using CodeStream in our workflow.”
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