CodeStream for Jira

Create new Jira tickets, view your Jira backlog, and create new pull requests directly from your IDE.

Stay in Focus. Stay in your IDE.

  • See some code that should be fixed? Don't "//TODO". Just highlight the block of code and create a Jira ticket with a few clicks without leaving your IDE and switching context.
  • Easily see and filter assigned Jira tasks. There's no need to leave your editor to see what to code next. Select a ticket and keep coding without switching to a web-browser.
  • Start your workflow by grabbing a ticket, updating its status, and creating a branch. End with creating a new PR. All from your IDE.
  • CodeStream links Jira tickets to code. Looking at a Jira ticket on the web and need more context? Just click to open it up in your IDE.
  • Codemarks annotate your code base and show you where code is linked to a Jira ticket. View it to easily navigate to the ticket.

Easy to Install

  • Download, install, and sign-in to the CodeStream extension for your favorite IDE.
  • View the Issues section of the CodeStream pane
  • Select "Jira" from the list of issue-tracking providers. The first time through you will be asked to authenticate with Jira.
  • Click submit and grok on.

Get Started