CodeStream for Trello

Add a Trello card directly from your IDE, and it will be permanently linked to -and from- the code block it references.

Fluid Code Review

Ever been in the zone and you see something in the code that needs to be addressed, but you pass it over because you need to stay focused? We’ve been there, and we know how a simple distraction can derail your concentration. -- and leaving your IDE to create a Trello card certainly qualifies as a distraction.

With CodeStream for Trello, whether you are hot on the trail of an elusive bug or deep in a refactor, simply highlight the code that needs to be addressed and with just a couple of clicks (or keyboard shortcuts) you can create a Trello card. All while staying in the zone.

Easy to Install

  • Download, install, and sign-in to the CodeStream extension for your favorite IDE.
  • Highlight a block of code that you'd like to include in a new Trello card.
  • Either right-click on the lightbulb and select "New Issue" or if you have the CodeStream pane open hover over to and click on the issue ("bug") icon.
  • Enter the pertinent data for the task such as a title, assignees, and description.
  • Select "Trello" from the list of issue-tracking integrations. The first time through you will be asked to authenticate with Trello.
  • Click submit and grok on.

Get Started