CodeStream ties your team together

Used by dev teams big and small.

Give your team the tools they need to discuss code

Whether it’s code reviews or ad hoc discussions, CodeStream lets your developers comment on each other’s code without ever leaving their IDE. Use Slack? CodeStream offers full integration.

Enhance your team’s productivity

With built-in productivity tools like issues, bookmarks, and permalinks - collectively called codemarks - CodeStream is more than just a tool for discussion. Use an issue tracker, like Jira, Trello, or Github? CodeStream integrates with those services, too.


MS Teams

Live Share

Ask a question about code without leaving your editor, and post it to Slack or MS Teams. Your teammates can reply on Slack or MS Teams and the entire thread will be visible in CodeStream, attached to the block of code in question.

CodeStream makes it simple to start a collaboration session with your teammates.








Azure DevOps

See some code you'd like to improve? Create an issue without leaving your editor by selecting the code and hitting a key. CodeStream enables continuous code review on any code, even after it's been merged, using your existing defect tracking tool of choice.

Build your team’s knowledge over time

Don’t lose your team’s discussions to the void. CodeStream maintains your codemarks with links to your repo. Discussions and codemarks remain easily accessible forever, giving your team a fully searchable source of knowledge that grows over time.

Onboard your newbies with confidence

With the knowledge base behind your codebase now available at their fingertips, new hires easily benefit from your team’s previous discussions. Questions can be answered without ever bugging your senior developers. When new questions come up they become part of the knowledge base, too.


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Your team knows a lot about your code but the knowledge is locked inside the heads of individual developers.

CodeStream helps to capture and share that knowledge, making your team happier, more productive and more resilient.

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