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Manage fast-moving codebases with CodeStream

CodeStream allows your developers to discuss code in real-time using Slack, so decisions are made faster, and sprints are completed on time.

Accelerate your development workflow

CodeStream enhances your existing services by connecting them to your source tree.
Capture institutional knowledge about your codebase without disturbing existing workflows.


MS Teams

Live Share

Ask a question about code without leaving your editor, and post it to Slack or MS Teams. Your teammates can reply on Slack or MS Teams and the entire thread will be visible in CodeStream, attached to the block of code in question.

CodeStream makes it simple to start a collaboration session with your teammates.








Azure DevOps

See some code you'd like to improve? Create an issue without leaving your editor by selecting the code and hitting a key. CodeStream enables continuous code review on any code, even after it's been merged, using your existing defect tracking tool of choice.

Onboard new developers faster

As your team grows, your new engineers will come up to speed faster when they learn from an annotated codebase that contains the collective wisdom of your entire development team. Every question, already answered in context. And new questions easily added.

See how it's done:

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Your team knows a lot about your code but the knowledge is locked inside the heads of individual developers.

CodeStream helps to capture and share that knowledge, making your team happier, more productive and more resilient.

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