Get Results in a Constantly
Changing Landscape

Used by DevOps teams all over the world.

Today’s DevOps engineers face a myriad of challenges focused on delivering and maintaining high performance applications on a vast array of infrastructures. The demand for results remains firm while the landscape is constantly changing.

Most of the automation solutions available involve lots of templating, scripting and occasionally, custom solutions to workflows unique to the business. Tighter integration with external services such as logging, APM & infrastructure monitoring may require DevOps engineers to get closer to the source code they’re deploying.

Sharing all this knowledge across the DevOps team and in many cases with the developers, is becoming more of an imperative. Traditional messaging solutions are just too ephemeral for maintaining any kind of useful reference.

CodeStream to the rescue.

Context Switch Between Projects with Ease

DevOps Engineers will appreciate how CodeStream lets you comment on the files and templates right in their IDE.  Context switching between projects (as Ops oft requires) is far easier now that codemarks show you any discussion, Q&A, Issue management or integrations to external services such as Jira and trello, right where your eyes are, anchored to the code.

On-boarding new members to the team is easier and faster and requires less involvement from senior engineers because information about how and why code or templates do things is presented directly to them, in their IDE while they’re looking at code & data.

Team leaders will love how all the valuable meta data surrounding your code (conversations, Q&A, issues) is not lost and sits where it’s most useful and effective.

Everyone will enjoy a more efficient process where engineers can spend more time in their IDE working on the codebase, and less time explaining the same thing again and again on messaging services.

Today’s IDE’s offer an array of features and services support and are quickly becoming one of the most important tools in the engineer’s tool box.  Enhanced with CodeStream, that tool’s power is increased exponentially to couple the knowledge surrounding the code, with the code.

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