CodeStream simplifies the way students learn to write and understand code

Trusted by coding academies across the globe

CodeStream makes it easy to discuss code

Discussions among project members or classmates, or between students and instructors, happen right inside the editor. Just select the code and ask a question.

Everyone becomes an instructor

Whether it’s a shared codebase for a project team or an example codebase for the entire class, annotations allow everyone to benefit from the collective wisdom of the team/class.

Integrates with your existing tools

Do your classes communicate with Slack? Are projects tracked in Trello?
CodeStream enhances these and other tools by connecting them to the source tree.


MS Teams

Live Share

Questions can be posted to Slack or MS Teams so that students and instructors can participate in discussions when they’re not in their editor.

CodeStream makes it simple for students to start a collaboration session with their teammates.








Azure DevOps

Whether it’s an instructor reviewing a student’s code, or teammates reviewing each other’s code, creating an issue is as simple as selecting the code and hitting a key. No application switching needed.

See how it's done:

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Your team knows a lot about your code but the knowledge is locked inside the heads of individual developers.

CodeStream helps to capture and share that knowledge, making your team happier, more productive and more resilient.

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