Discuss Code

CodeStream makes it easy to discuss code in your IDE. Works with VS Code, Visual Studio, Atom, and JetBrains editors.

Integrate with Issue Trackers

Create new tickets or cards in your issue tracking service of choice directly from your IDE. This video shows it in Trello but works with Jira, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket too.

Create Permalinks to Blocks of Code

Use new links to codemarks to link directly to blocks of code from your wiki,  Github, a Jira ticket or anywhere you'd like to reference and link directly to some code.

For codemarks shared to Slack or Microsoft Teams, you'll be able to open the codemark in your IDE directly from those posts , open the codemark on the web, or open the code on GitHub (and other VCS systems).

PR Comments into your IDE

CodeStream now displays merged Pull Request comments in your editor as annotations on the current version of your file. By integrating PR comments from GitHub and Bitbucket (and soon GitLab) with CodeStream’s native codemarks in a single view, developers will gain deeper insight into why decisions were made, and get answers faster to questions about code they are working on.

Discuss multiple code ranges

Many discussions about code involve more than just one block of code, and concepts are often best presented when you can refer to multiple code locations at once. CodeStream’s latest release introduces multi-range codemarks that address exactly those scenarios.   Works with VS Code, Visual Studio, Atom, and all JetBrains IDEs.

Link Sections of Code Together

A codelink allows you to easily establish a connection between two otherwise disconnected parts of your code. Any codemark can be linked to any other, allowing the following use cases to be easily implemented:

Tag Your Codemarks

Tags allow you to create any combination of color and text label, in order to group related parts of your codebase together through codemarks. Examples for tagging include:

  • Create a set of codemarks for immediate review with the tag “critical” and the color red, allowing a reviewer to filter by this tag.
  • Identify which parts of the codebase represent tech debt with the tag “refactor” and colored by priority.
  • Tag a set of codemarks as a starting point for training and onboarding with the tag “Start Here”.
  • Tag a set of codemarks as being “owned” by your team in a large codebase with the tag “webview”, allowing you to easily navigate your discussions and documentation.

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Your team knows a lot about your code but the knowledge is locked inside the heads of individual developers.

CodeStream helps to capture and share that knowledge, making your team happier, more productive and more resilient.

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