Why CodeStream?

CodeStream is the world’s best code discussion tool! Discussing code is a surprisingly painful process, and CodeStream not only makes it dramatically easier, but also preserves the institutional knowledge that is currently being lost in Slack channels and emails. Think about how many steps you have to go through to talk about code in your current chat app:
There’s a lot of friction in that process. And after you’ve gone through all of that trouble, once the discussion scrolls off the top of the channel history it’s effectively gone forever. There’s no lasting value to the discussion.

Developers Deserve Better!

CodeStream simplifies the process by allowing you to discuss code right where the code already lives, and where developers spend most of their time… in the IDE. Just like commenting on a Google Doc, simply select a block of code and type your question or comment. Teammates can participate in the discussion right from their IDE, and you can optionally share the discussion on Slack so teammates can participate from their chat clients as well.
CodeStream recognizes the long-term value of these discussions by saving them as annotations to your source files, called codemarks. Imagine a new developer going into that file six months from now, or three years from now, and having the benefit of working from an annotated codebase. They can click on the codemark and review the past discussion.. a discussion that likely captures why the code looks the way it does today, and ultimately makes their job easier.

Boost your productivity.
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Discussing code and collaborating can be difficult which is why it doesn't happen often enough, particularly with developers working remotely.

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