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CodeStream’s GitLab Merge Requests in your IDE (Beta) is Now Available for VS Code and JetBrains
March 29, 2021

A beta version of our new “GitLab in your IDE” feature is now available. With it you can create, review, and merge GitLab merge requests without ever leaving your IDE. All with full source-tree and full file access, your favorite keybindings, and all the code intelligence embedded in your development environment. The MR functionality works with both GitLab Cloud and GitLab Self-Managed.

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CodeStream 10.7 – Proactively providing feedback when your teammates push code
March 9, 2021

CodeStream 10.7 allows you to review a teammate’s set of changes at any time, even without the author explicitly requesting a review. Catching mistakes or making suggestions early, often results in improved code quality. Rather than waiting on a developer to request a review, a manager or a colleague can now proactively jump in and review someone’s changes. Also added is the ability to review GitHub PR changes from a specific commit, range of commits, or since your last review.

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How CodeStream uses Windows Sandbox to test new user flow with Visual Studio Code
March 4, 2021

Windows sandbox is a lightweight desktop environment used to run applications in isolation. Here at TeamCodeStream, we love using it because it can help create the environment needed for simulating the experience of a new user. We can pretend we’re installing CodeStream for the first time (again)!

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CodeStream 10.6 - Discussion resolutions published to Slack
February 19, 2021

CodeStream’s 10.5 release changed codemarks from discussions to team action items by making it clear which discussions haven’t been resolved. CodeStream 10.6 now gives you more power to let people know when a discussion has been resolved by broadcasting the update to Slack.

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CodeStream 10.5 - Codemarks can now be marked as Resolved, adding flexibility to shared knowledge
February 9, 2021

CodeStream’s codemarks are annotations, discussions or instructions connected to a block of code. They can be used to ask a question about the code, such as “How does it work?” They can also tell someone else to address a particular issue in a very informal way, no tickets involved. And they can serve as mini reviews of the code, providing guidance and suggestions. Codemarks were created with flexibility in mind, but until now there was no way to indicate that the issue addressed in the codemark has been resolved. That changes with version 10.5.

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Winner of the 2021 Devie for Best Coding Tool..... CodeStream!
February 4, 2021

We’re very excited to share that CodeStream won the 2021 DEVIES award for Best Coding Tool. The 2021 DEVIES Awards recognize excellence in developer tools, products & technology, across 20+ categories. With hundreds of nominations received for the 2021 DEVIES Awards, winners are selected based on attracting notable attention and awareness in the software industry, general regard and adoption by the developer, engineering & IT community and being a technical leader.

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