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SUKU: Using CodeStream for Code Review, Easier than Pull Requests
January 3, 2020

Engineering managers for global companies like SUKU commonly face the challenge of how to efficiently review code when working with offshore development teams. The challenge stems from the significant time zone differences between the teams, which was 11.5 hours for the SUKU team. The offshore team primarily relies on Slack for communications, but engineering management was seeking a more contextual way to communicate during the code review. 

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iManage: Reviewing Code Earlier to Improve Code Quality
December 17, 2019

Engineering managers on the iManage Collaboration Project Team were seeking options for improving code quality and team productivity. One idea was to find a way to review code and provide feedback earlier in the development process, so they could find and fix small issues before they grow into larger problems. Traditional code review based on PR comments is cumbersome and not well suited for this lightweight approach.

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My Top 4 Takeaways From KubeCon 2019
December 2, 2019

This year I attended the Kubernetes Cloud Native Open Source Summit for the first time. For those who don’t know, KubeCon is the largest open source conference in North America with over 12,000 attendees. Several companies sponsor panels, meetups and round-table discussions on new feature releases for the open source cloud native community. I was taken aback by the level of engagement from speakers and attendees. I also thought the most under appreciated perk was the ping pong table in the expo area — great way to relax between sessions and network.

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CodeStream 5.2 - More sophisticated repo matching
November 6, 2019

CodeStream now leverages commit hashes to do more sophisticated repo matching.

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Coformatique: Using CodeStream for Real-Time Code Review with Remote Teams
November 5, 2019

Coformatique uses CodeStream to facilitate more effective and efficient peer code review between remote development team members. Coformatique is a software development company using the latest platforms and technologies to create innovative mobile and web applications for its clients. The company specializes in designing and developing new applications and MVP products. Coformatique has executive leadership and sales personnel in Europe, while the development team is located in Cairo, Egypt. 

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CodeStream 5.1 - Keep your Codemarks Relevant by Attaching Them to Another Code Block
October 30, 2019

CodeStream has sophisticated algorithms that automatically move codemarks to the right location as the code changes. Sometimes though, codemarks get disconnected from the code and the best approach to keep them relevant is to manually attach them to the right code block. Scenarios where that situation is applicable include relocation to a different file, or a file being renamed, among others. This new feature allows you to retain knowledge about your code in the correct context. 

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