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CodeStream 4.0 Brings PR Comments into your Favorite IDE
October 1, 2019

CodeStream now displays merged Pull Request comments in your editor as annotations on the current version of your file. By integrating PR comments from GitHub and Bitbucket (and soon GitLab) with CodeStream’s native codemarks in a single view, developers will gain deeper insight into why decisions were made, and get answers faster to questions about code they are working on.

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Reviewing the Code Review, Part II
September 20, 2019

In Part I, we discussed specific suggestions to improve code reviews using PRs, and how the methodology itself has inherent limitations. In this post we review the suggestions made by Jonathan Maltz of Yelp in his article Code Review Guidelines. They are similar to many other articles you can find on the topic, so they serve as a clear outline for this discussion.

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CodeStream 3.0 Allows You to Share Code Anywhere, in Context
September 17, 2019

When you share a codemark with your team, they can access it in their messaging stream. CodeStream now allows them to view that codemark in context, whether in their IDE or in GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket. They just click on the link that best suits their needs to view the information in context. With context, they will understand the question or issue faster, and be able to respond more effectively.

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CodeStream Introduces Codelinks: The Easiest and Fastest Way to Connect Related Code Blocks
August 20, 2019

CodeStream 2.1 brings two powerful new features, CodeLinks and Tags, that further enhance your ability to discuss, review and understand information about your codebase. 

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CodeStream Introduces On-Prem Option for Security-Sensitive Organizations
August 12, 2019

CodeStream is now available as an on-prem solution, meeting the needs of organizations and enterprises that require all tools or systems that touch their code to be hosted in their own internal environment. CodeStream On-Prem follows existing support for other on-prem solutions, such as GitHub Enterprise and Jira Server.

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Reviewing the Code Review, Part I
August 7, 2019

Some of our customers are telling us that they are using CodeStream to shorten code reviews by as much as 50%. It’s a lightweight approach, and we are trying to learn from their experience and feedback, and improve on the processes and features we offer to make those code reviews even better. CodeStream introduces the concept of a continuous code review, a light-weight, in-editor process that enables the review of any part of your codebase, at any time. Making code review continuous means you can get feedback earlier in the process as you are stubbing out functions and classes, during heavy development while you are building a new feature, immediately prior to merge as you seek feedback from your team, and importantly even for code that was merged some time ago, as you come across technical debt in your codebase. 

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