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CodeStream 8.1 - New Workflow Management tab organizes all your “Tasks”
July 1, 2020

The new “Tasks” tab in the CodeStream navigation gives you quick access to everything on your plate. There you can initiate work on any item and keep the team informed of your progress. Note also that there is a new “+” button on the bottom right of the tab, giving access to the functions that used to be on the global navigation in a faster and more intuitive way. There are three main sections on this tab.

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CodeStream Code Review is Now Live on Product Hunt
June 24, 2020

As you know from our release updates, for most of 2020 we’ve been hard at work building in-IDE code review functionality and we recently added the most requested feature to-date, a code review integration with PR workflows. By “closing the loop” on the typical workflow, CodeStream can now serve as a complete code review solution for most development teams and we’re marking the milestone by launching CodeStream Code Review on Product Hunt today.

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CodeStream 8.0 - End-to-end support for a developer’s workflow, from feature branch to pull request
June 22, 2020

With version 8.0 CodeStream simplifies a developer’s end-to-end workflow, starting with the creation of a feature branch, through code discussion and code review, and culminating with the creation of a pull request. All without the developer ever having to leave their IDE.

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CodeStream Introduces Simpler On-Premises Deployment; adds Okta authentication
June 15, 2020

CodeStream's code review and discussion tools are already deployed on-premises in many organizations around the world. Over the past several months we have collected our learnings and simplified the deployment process significantly.

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CodeStream 7.4: New Blame Map and integration with VS Code Source Control
June 8, 2020

You signed up, added a teammate or two to kick the tires with, and are off to the collaboration races! Awesome. But what about the rest of the team? You can certainly head over to the Team tab and add them all, but CodeStream now also makes sure that the right people are brought into your discussions… even if they aren’t yet on CodeStream. When you create a codemark, CodeStream automatically mentions the person that most recently touched that code. But what if that person isn’t on CodeStream? With the check of a box, you can now send your comment via email.They can simply reply to the email to have their comment posted to CodeStream, and of course they can install CodeStream to participate from their IDE.

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CodeStream 7.3: Update existing code reviews with additional code, right from your IDE
May 28, 2020

CodeStream’s 7.3 release simplifies your workflow around code reviews by allowing you to iterate within a single review, rather than stringing together a sequence of separate reviews. For example, if a teammate has left a number of comments, or even some change requests, on one of your code reviews, after you address those requests you can add the additional changes to the review (even if they haven’t been committed!) and ask your teammate to have another look. Rinse and release as needed until the review gets approved.

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