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CodeStream 7.3: Update existing code reviews with additional code, right from your IDE
May 28, 2020

CodeStream’s 7.3 release simplifies your workflow around code reviews by allowing you to iterate within a single review, rather than stringing together a sequence of separate reviews. For example, if a teammate has left a number of comments, or even some change requests, on one of your code reviews, after you address those requests you can add the additional changes to the review (even if they haven’t been committed!) and ask your teammate to have another look. Rinse and release as needed until the review gets approved.

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Human Centric Code Reviews
May 19, 2020

Code reviews provide a great forum to provide feedback, but all too often development teams focus on providing the best technical guidance while ignoring the human side of the feedback process. Code reviews can be a great opportunity for software development teams to learn, mentor and collaborate with one another. However, they can quickly become roadblocks if colleagues are not thoughtful with one another in how they communicate feedback during the code review process. 

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The Connected IDE: A Communication-First approach drives Collaboration (Part 2)
May 12, 2020

In Part 1 of this series we touched on the evolution of IDE from a personal, standalone tool to a connected and networked hub of all things code. We explained how connecting your IDE to your teammates’ simplifies communication and collaboration with two specific use cases: Discussing code in general, and performing code reviews right in your IDE, eliminating the context switching and improving knowledge sharing.In this post we will expand this to additional use cases and show how the Connected IDE is the most important step towards team collaboration in a world where we are all remote developers.

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CodeStream Case Study: Hearst Communications
May 7, 2020

As the team became larger, important conversations about the code were scattered across their various development tools and systems. It was becoming increasingly common for team members to misunderstand a key decision because they could only see part of the discussion, or altogether miss key conversations and information exchanges. They needed a solution to consolidate team communication and make information about the code readily accessible to all team members. Enter CodeStream.

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The Connected IDE is the gateway to increased developer collaboration (Part 1)
May 6, 2020

A new era of connected IDEs is coming that does not require you to leave behind the IDE you love. Using modern plug-in technologies, your IDE can begin to evolve towards a truly Integrated Development Environment that will make collaboration easier while improving code quality.

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CodeStream 7.2: Assign and Require Multiple Reviewers for each Code Review
April 28, 2020

We have received many requests for the ability to have multiple reviewers approve a code review, and not just whoever did it first. In addition to accommodating that request, we’ve also added a number of options for how reviewers get assigned.

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