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Sessions to check out at O'Reilly SAC

Peter PezarisPeter Pezaris
January 28, 2019

CodeStream is looking forward to sponsoring O’Reilly’s Software Architecture Conference on February 5th and 6th in NYC. Here are some of the talks I’m most looking forward to.

Tuesday 10:15am - Meet the Experts with Trisha Gee

Trisha Gee - JetBrains

Join Trisha to talk about Java high-performance systems, enabling developer productivity, and open source development.

You had me at “developer productivity.” That pretty much defines in two words what’s driving us at CodeStream. In over 1,500 conversations with development teams over the last year, there’s one company whose name comes up more often than any other: JetBrains.

Tuesday 3:50pm - Challenges with reuse within a large and diverse engineering organization: A case study

Andrey Utis - Capital One

You have a large talented group of engineers, each with an opinion on the best programming language, build tool, test framework, and CI/CD pipeline. How do you get them to agree and reuse without demotivating them? Andrey Utis explains how Capital One mandated a single CI/CD framework and kept users engaged through a contribution process, empathy interviews, and openness.

Big organizations have a host of unique productivity challenges and I’m very interested in knowing how Capital One addresses some of them.

Tuesday 4:50pm - Anatomy of testing in production: A Netflix original case study

Vasanth Asokan

So you think you can test your complex distributed application effectively just using your test environment? At Netflix, automated testing of client and server applications runs at scale in production. It has quickly gone from low-volume manual mode to automated continuous and voluminous mode. Vasanth Asokan offers a study of such testing at scale that will inform your overall testing strategy.

CodeStream is implemented as an IDE plugin and a back-end service, so each time we add support for a new IDE, we have one more client to support. As a result, our testing unsurprisingly keeps getting more complicated. Very curious to hear how Netflix, which must have dozens of clients, handles things.

Wednesday 10:15am - Meet the Experts with Peter Pezaris of CodeStream

My topic:

With employee turnover highest in tech companies among all industries, chances are your best developers will leave and someone new will have to take over your codebase within the next 18 months. Peter will share insights, techniques, and solutions aimed at solving the knowledge gap for development teams over time.

Please join me for this intimate discussion where we can tackle some of the hardest parts of software engineering.

Wednesday 10:45am - Technical debt: A master class

Robert “r0ml” Lefkowitz

Robert Lefkowitz offers an overview of technical debt, explaining how to recognize it, how to prevent or reduce it, and why there is so much of it.

Technical debt, or rather figuring out ways to reduce it, is something I’m personally passionate about. I’m always curious to hear what others are recommending.

Wednesday 1:15pm - Effective enterprise architecture

Eben Hewitt, Sabre

Eben Hewitt shares a holistic approach to enterprise architecture that explains how to bring business architecture, information architecture, data architecture, application architecture, and infrastructure architecture together into a comprehensive design. You'll also learn how to incorporate design thinking principles and work effectively with Agile teams.

One of the most difficult things to do as an engineering team is to orchestrate activity around a cohesive set of design principles. Super interested in this talk and how CodeStream might contribute.

Wednesday 4:50pm - How do we collaborate while creating software: Influencing factors and analysis techniques

Pepijn van de Kamp - Software Improvement Group

Great architectures are not just about software but also about the people that create it. Traces of how people collaborate during the creation of software systems are captured in data sources like version control history, source code, and ticketing systems. Evelyn van Kelle and Pepijn van de Kamp explain how analyzing this data provides valuable insights and input for your architectural strategy.

As CodeStream looks to build the knowledge base behind your codebase we are integrating source code with services like version control and ticketing systems. One of our future goals is to take all this information that’ll be in one place and leverage it for insight. Perhaps some of the information discussed here can be useful as we look at our roadmap.

There are plenty of other interesting speakers and sessions planned. Please see the full agenda here and let us know what you're looking forward to. If you can’t make it to my Meet the Experts session please be sure to stop by and say hello at CodeStream’s booth.


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

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