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Michael GershMichael Gersh
January 24, 2019

It’s been a few weeks since we introduced codemarks and we’re about to unleash a handful of top-secret enhancements to make them even more powerful. (Shhh…. integrations with more of the tools you know and love!) As always, we value your feedback as we work on improving the service and this includes learning which types of codemarks everyone finds most valuable. So please check out each type and get some chances at a $250 Amazon gift card while helping us out.

How to Enter

(1) Install the CodeStream for VS Code extension and sign-in to CodeStream (if you haven’t already).

(2) Add a codemark using one of the four codemark types - “comment”, “issue”, “trap”, or “bookmark”. (See the video above to learn more about adding codemarks.)

(3) Enter again, up to 3 times more, by creating a new codemark with each of the other types.

Only codemarks created during the giveaway period, now through February 1st, will count as entries.

There is a maximum of four (4) entries per person, one (1) codemark per codemark type. We’ll send everyone who creates a codemark for each type a free t-shirt so try them all.

To really see how codemarks can improve the way your dev team shares information try it with a few teammates. Flag a real issue. Bookmark a key section of code. Use a comment to ask a question.


Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries on Monday, February 4th.

One (1) Grand Prize Winner will win a $250 Amazon Gift Card.

Five (5) Runner-ups will win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

All participants that create a codemark with each of the four codemark types will receive a free CodeStream t-shirt.

Some restriction apply. Please see Official Rules.


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

About CodeStream

CodeStream helps development teams discuss, review and understand code. CodeStream links comments and issues directly to the code blocks they refer to, making them instantly available to everyone on the team.  

Thank you for your interest in CodeStream.

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