CodeStream Introduces Codelinks: The Easiest and Fastest Way to Connect Related Code Blocks

Claudio PinkusClaudio Pinkus
August 20, 2019

CodeStream 2.1 brings two powerful new features that further enhance your ability to discuss, review and understand information about your codebase.

Introducing Codelinks

A codelink allows you to easily establish a connection between two otherwise disconnected parts of your code. Any codemark can be linked to any other, allowing the following use cases to be easily implemented:

  • In response to a question about how to implement a particular solution, a reviewer or teammate can reply by linking another part of the code, suggesting an approach similar to the linked code, whether committed or not.
  • In implementing an onboarding process for a new developer, any codemark can provide an explanation and further point to the next part of the code that needs to be covered.
  • When a change to one part of the codebase would require a change to another part, a way to link the two and identify the dependency.

Introducing Tags

Tags allow you to create any combination of color and text label, in order to group related parts of your codebase together through codemarks. Examples for tagging include:

  • Create a set of codemarks for immediate review with the tag “critical” and the color red, allowing a reviewer to filter by this tag.
  • Identify which parts of the codebase represent tech debt with the tag “refactor” and colored by priority.
  • Tag a set of codemarks as a starting point for training and onboarding with the tag “Start Here”.
  • Tag a set of codemarks as being “owned” by your team in a large codebase with the tag “webview”, allowing you to easily navigate your discussions and documentation.

Additional improvements were made to the display of codemarks to make them easier to consume and understand, resulting in faster and easier discussions and issue tracking.

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