CodeStream v2.0 - New Integrations with On-Prem Issue Trackers Jira Server and GitHub Enterprise

Claudio PinkusClaudio Pinkus
August 1, 2019

For organizations who value highly secure deployments, CodeStream now integrates with Jira Server and GitHub Enterprise.  This is another step in providing integrations and deployments for security sensitive organizations that are using CodeStream to improve development team productivity.  

After installing CodeStream, the first user to select Jira Server or GitHub enterprise will be required to request assistance from their admin in order to complete the integration.  The installation steps are outlined both in the respective pages during installation and here: Jira Server Admin, and GitHub Enterprise Admin.

In addition, we now allow any CodeStream user to create issues in several issue trackers without having to switch logins.  That way, on an issue by issue basis, they can decide which service to use. One issue might go to Jira, and the next to GitHub, and so on. This additional flexibility meets requests from our expanding user base and delivers greater ease of use in-editor. This is another example of our expanding editor-centric capabilities, thus making developers more productive and avoiding context switches.

You can now create an issue that resides in CodeStream only, represented here.

Or click for options which displays the issue trackers CodeStream integrates with.

For additional information, please reach out to us at


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

About CodeStream

CodeStream helps development teams discuss, review and understand code. CodeStream links comments and issues directly to the code blocks they refer to, making them instantly available to everyone on the team.  

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