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CodeStream v1.3 - Microsoft Teams integration now available!

David HershDavid Hersh
June 26, 2019

Get answers, do informal code review, and discuss code right from your IDE and using your existing Microsoft Teams channels with CodeStream v1.3.

CodeStream makes is really easy to discuss code. Just select some code and type your question or comment. Done! Sometimes you’re not in your IDE though. Maybe you’re mobile. Maybe you’re a development manager who doesn’t spend a lot of time in an IDE. Being able to share your discussions in an MS Teams channel allows teammates to participate in the discussion anywhere, anytime.

If you are already on CodeStream, you’ll need to create a new CodeStream team in order to connect to MS Teams. Just sign out of CodeStream, click “Create a Team”, and then select the MS Teams option.

If you are new to CodeStream, download our extension to get started.


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

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