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CodeStream v0.0.23 now available with Consolidated Conversations

David HershDavid Hersh
May 25, 2018

We’ve received much feedback that having a separate chat stream for each source file didn’t mirror the way discussions were happening in the real world, where they often span source files. A discussion that starts with problematic code in one source file might end with relevant code being shared from another.

In response, we've introduced a new model that is both easier and more flexible. Instead of the chat stream changing as you move from file to file in your source tree, you’ll have a single chat stream that remains in place so that you and your team can bring in relevant code from other files and repos. For more information please check out the quick video linked below.

To try it out for yourself...

  • Update the CodeStream plugin to version 0.0.23 by clicking on the icon at the bottom-right of Atom’s status bar indicating that there are package updates.
  • Go to Atom's command palette (under the Packages menu) and then search for "Codestream: Reset". It's important to do this so that all of your team's existing messages still appear after the update.
  • Post a code block from a source file by selecting some code and then clicking the “+” button that appears to the right of your selection.
  • Now, click on your post so that you can post a reply. To see how conversations can now move unrestricted around the codebase, first switch to another source file, select some code, and then post your reply.

At the moment each team has a single chat stream (i.e., #general), but look out for another update from CodeStream in just a matter of weeks when we introduce the ability to create additional channels and direct message your teammates.

Let us know if you have any comments or questions.


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

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