CodeStream Introduces On-Prem Option for Security-Sensitive Organizations

Claudio PinkusClaudio Pinkus
August 12, 2019

CodeStream is now available as an on-prem solution, meeting the needs of organizations and enterprises that require all tools or systems that touch their code to be hosted in their own internal environment. CodeStream On-Prem follows existing support for other on-prem solutions, such as GitHub Enterprise and Jira Server. You can read about those integrations in this blog post.

“Many of our larger customers have told us that they are ready to deploy CodeStream more widely, but their approach to security requires an on-prem solution,” said Peter Pezaris, co-founder and CEO of CodeStream. “We are now in a position to meet this requirement and deploy CodeStream for any size organization in a highly secure way.”

CodeStream OnPrem is a docker-ized version of the CodeStream Cloud services that can be installed and operated entirely on you company’s hardware or private cloud service. In order to deploy it, you only need a Linux host OS running Docker.

Like the cloud version of CodeStream, the on-prem version is easy to use and deploy, and includes the same integrations with your favorite development tools. You can use Slack or Microsoft Teams for team messaging, or connect to issue trackers such as Github, Jira, Asana, Trello, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, Gitlab. For additional information on CodeStream On-Prem please email


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

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CodeStream integrates all of your essential dev tools, such as GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Slack, Teams, Jira, Trello and more, into VS Code, Visual Studio, and any JetBrains IDE.

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