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CodeStream 7.3: Update existing code reviews with additional code, right from your IDE

David HershDavid Hersh
May 28, 2020

CodeStream’s 7.3 release simplifies your workflow around code reviews by allowing you to iterate within a single review, rather than stringing together a sequence of separate reviews. For example, if a teammate has left a number of comments, or even some change requests, on one of your code reviews, after you address those requests you can add the additional changes to the review (even if they haven’t been committed!) and ask your teammate to have another look. Rinse and release as needed until the review gets approved.

To update an existing code review with new code just click on the blue “+” icon.

The following form is displayed:

The developer can:

  •  Mark complete, if they haven’t already done so, any change requests that are addressed by the changes being added.
  • Select pushed commits, local commits, staged changes and saved changes to include in the update, just like when requesting the initial review.
  • Add a message to provide additional commentary to the automatically generated reply letting the reviewer(s) know that there’s been an update

The following depicts what a code review’s discussion thread looks like with a few updates having been added. The “update #” links highlight the corresponding “COMMITS IN UPDATE #” section above so that the user can see exactly what was included in the update.

When the reviewer goes back into the review, by default they’ll be looking at the complete change set (i.e., superset of all changes) as they go through the diffs for each file. They can, however, elect to view the diffs specific to any individual update.


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

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