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CodeStream 7.2: Assign and Require Multiple Reviewers for each Code Review

David HershDavid Hersh
April 28, 2020

We have received many requests for the ability to have multiple reviewers approve a code review, and not just whoever did it first. In addition to accommodating those requests, we’ve also added a number of options for how reviewers get assigned.

The team administration menu at the top of the Team tab now includes a Code Review settings option.

This brings up the Code Review Settings page where the admin can control how both code review assignments and code review approvals work for the team.

For approvals, the options are:

  • Any reviewer can approve
  • All reviewers must approve individually
  • Developer who requests the review decides (default)

Admins can also determine if and how suggested reviewers are assigned when a review is requested.

  • None
  • Round-robin
  • Random assignment
  • Authorship (suggest one)
  • Authorship (suggest up to two)
  • Authorship (suggest up to three)

The Authorship options suggest reviewers based on the authorship of the lines of code impacted by the changes, as well as other developers who may have committed to the branch.

Assuming the admin has left the approvals decision up to the person requesting the review, they’ll see the following options:

“Anyone Can Approve” is the way things currently work, where the review is approved as soon as anyone marks it approved. With the “Everyone Must Approve” option, the review isn’t approved until all assigned reviewers do so. CodeStream makes it very clear when there are still outstanding approvals for a review. Note the blue button at the top-right, and the green “thumbs up” on the headshots of reviewers that have already approved.

Visit our docs to learn more about CodeStream's in-IDE Code Reviews.


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

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