CodeStream 7.1: Enhanced GitHub Enterprise and GitLab Self-Managed integrations; Improved UI for Lightning Code Reviews

Claudio PinkusClaudio Pinkus
April 20, 2020

GitHub Enterprise (GHE) and GitLab Self-Managed (GLSM)

  • New integrations address security roadblocks: If your integrations are not set to a publicly addressable URL, you can now access them by leveraging personal access tokens to eliminate that requirement.
  • Setup: Users can connect to GHE or GLSM from the Integrations page under the ellipses menu, or by selecting the service when creating an issue codemark. In addition to specifying the URL for their GHE/GLSM instance,  they’ll need to generate a personal access token and paste it in. 

Improved UI for Lightning Code Reviews

  • More intuitive 
  • The Approve button shows pending change requests until all are resolved;  then changes back to the green thumbs up.
  • If you're doing a review in a JetBrains IDE you can now use native navigation to move through the changes and files in the review.

  • The title of the review is now part of the global nav whenever a review is in progress, making it easier to understand your current state.

  • Action buttons have labels which indicate exactly what you’re doing at the time


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

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