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CodeStream 13.0 -Easier code reviews with all-new pull request integration

David HershDavid Hersh
June 2, 2022

CodeStream’s integration with GitHub pull requests and GitLab merge requests is one of our most popular features, and we’re excited to take that integration to the next level with CodeStream 13.0. 

The original integration was heavily focussed on replicating the GitHub and GitLab interfaces in great detail, so that there would be no learning curve. If you knew how to do something on GitHub, you’d know how to do it on CodeStream as well. While the new integration retains that interface consistency for managing a PR (e.g., adding a reviewer or changing a label), we’ve made the things you do most frequently… adding and viewing comments… more easily accessible in a newly expanded tree view right in the Pull Requests section of CodeStream.

Click on any PR in your list to quickly get a view of all changed files in the PR, with the ability to filter the list based on commit(s). To start reviewing the changes, simply click on a filename to get that familiar full-file side-by-side diff. No missing context when you do the review in CodeStream!

You can also easily jump to the underlying source file, or click the circle to mark the file as viewed. That viewed state syncs with GitHub, just like everything else when you’re working with a PR in CodeStream.

If you’re the author of the PR trying to take in all of the reviewer’s feedback, just look for the files with comments in the tree view.

Clicking on a comment not only displays it, but also opens the diff and scrolls you to the corresponding block of code. 

Need to make a requested change? Just click “Open Local File” to go straight to where you need to do your work. Or click “Show Comment in Diff” just to its left to jump to the location for any other comments in the current diff.

If you use a JetBrains IDE, such as IntelliJ or WebStorm, this update also includes the ability to comment inline! Just select the code from the diff you want to comment on, click the green compose icon that appears in the diff gutter, and the form will appear right in the editor window.

We hope you enjoy the new pull request experience, but stay tuned because we have more to come!

CodeStream’s pull request integration currently supports GitHub and GitLab (both cloud and on-prem versions). Support for Bitbucket will be coming late summer.


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

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