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CodeStream 10.7 – Proactively providing feedback when your teammates push code

David HershDavid Hersh
March 9, 2021

CodeStream 10.7 can prompt you when your teammates push code, and allow you to provide feedback on the diffs directly from your IDE without having to set aside your own work.  Catching mistakes or making suggestions early often results in improved code quality. Rather than waiting on a developer to request a review, a manager or a colleague can now proactively jump in and review someone’s changes.

Any time you pull, if there are unreviewed commits from one of your teammates you can get a toast notification prompting you to review the changes. Just click the Review button to get started, with no need to switch branches or set aside your own work.

Step through the changes using your editor’s diff tool, and leave comments where appropriate by selecting a codeblock and typing your feedback. Notifications will be sent to the author so that they can incorporate your feedback, and improve the changeset.

More flexibility in reviewing pull requests

Since we introduced the ability to review GitHub pull requests from your IDE, one common request was the ability to review changes from a specific commit, range of commits, or since your last review. CodeStream 10.7 adds this capability. Just go to the Files Changed tab in a pull request and you’ll see the new “Changes from…” dropdown.

By default you’ll be reviewing the changes from all commits in the pull request, but if you’d prefer to look at the changes for just a specific commit, such as the most recent commit, simply select it from the list. You can also review the changes for all of the commits.


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