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CodeStream 10.5 - Codemarks can now be marked as Resolved, adding flexibility to shared knowledge

David HershDavid Hersh
February 9, 2021

CodeStream’s codemarks are annotations, discussions or instructions connected to a block of code. They can be used to ask  a question about the code, such as “How does it work?” They can also tell someone else to address a particular issue in a very informal way, no tickets involved. And they can serve as mini reviews of the code, providing guidance and suggestions. Codemarks were created with flexibility in mind, but until now there was no way to indicate that the issue addressed in the codemark has been resolved. That changes with version 10.5.

Anyone looking at a codemark in the editor will now be able to tell whether the question, issue or instruction has been addressed, and the person resolving it will soon be able to notify other stakeholders through our Slack or Microsoft Teams notifications. So if you are a team lead, a product manager or a customer service rep waiting to notify your client, you will be in-the-know in real time. 

Codemark resolution is yet another way to use CodeStream to share knowledge and streamline your workflow.  

Once your question has been answered, you can resolve the codemark either as part of a reply or as an independent action. You can also optionally archive the codemark at the same time, which removes it’s icon from the editor gutter but allows it to remain discoverable via the Codemarks section of the sidebar and via search.

It’s important to note that resolving codemarks is not a requirement. It’s just a helpful option for teams that want to have a more visible way to track whether or not questions are getting answered and requests are being addressed.

To that end, the Codemarks section of the sidebar now shows codemarks broken out by status; Open (green), Resolved (purple), Archived (gray). 

The number of replies to each codemark is displayed to the right. Also note that comments from Feedback Requests and Pull Requests have separate sections that only appear when you filter the list to a specific file, and PR comments also have a new icon to make it easier to identify them.

The Codemarks section, along with the Pull Requests, Feedback Requests, and Issues sections, now collectively represent what’s on your plate. Keep working down those lists to keep your team productive!


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

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