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CodeStream 10.2 - Onboard your entire team with no invitations, and no mistakes

David HershDavid Hersh
December 17, 2020

If you’re the admin of a CodeStream team, and want to get the entire team onboard, we’ve just made it a lot easier with our new Team Onboarding Settings. The new settings allow you have people join the team based on the repositories that are open in their IDE. This completely bypasses the need to enter individual email addresses, which is both error prone and tedious. And you don’t need to worry about teammates not completing the sign up correctly or connecting to the wrong issue tracker because you can now control which integration and authentication options are available to them.

The new settings are accessible via Team Admin > Onboarding Settings under the headshot menu, and now also via a gear menu in the header of the My Team section.

The Integration Options section allows you to smooth the onboarding process process for your teammates by eliminating unnecessary unnecessary options, and of the possibility of mistakes. You can control which authentication options they can use. For example, you might want everyone to sign up using GitHub. You can also specify your team’s preferred code host, messaging service, and issue tracker. Note that you can select multiple services in each category.

The Team Assignment section allows you to grant access to the team based on access to certain repos. The initial list is based on your repositories that CodeStream is already aware of, but you can add more simply by opening the repository in your IDE.

Here’s how the onboarding process works. Shoot a message to the team, maybe via Slack, and tell them to install the CodeStream extension in their IDE. After installing the extension, as long as they have one of the repositories you specified open in their IDE, they’ll be prompted to join your team. That simple!

Do you work at a large enterprise, with the need for multiple CodeStream teams? Just tell the team leads to sign up and create CodeStream teams, and then configure their Onboarding Settings. Get the entire organization on in no time! 


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

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