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CodeStream 10.1 - View and create Clubhouse Stories in your IDE

David HershDavid Hersh
November 24, 2020

CodeStream’s new Clubhouse integration allows you to keep more of your workflow in the IDE, from starting work on a story to creating new stories that are connected to the code.

Once you’ve connected to Clubhouse, all stories owned by you that haven’t been completed will be listed.

Hover over any story and click on the “Open on web” icon to view the story on Clubhouse, or click on any story to start work on it.

In a single step, you can view the story, create a feature branch to do your work, and even update your status on Slack. Once you’ve started work on a story, your active story will be reflected in the Work In Progress section, and your teammates will also see this in the My Team section.

Identifying the story you’re working on helps out later in your workflow as well. When you’re ready to get some early feedback on your work, you can name your Feedback Request based on the story with a single click. And when the work is completed and you’re ready for a Pull Request, not only can you also name the pull request based on the story, but you can include a reference/link to the story in the pull request itself.

Last, but certainly not least, you can, of course, create a story from CodeStream, and have that story be connected to a block of code.

This is a great way to identify bugs in the code, or flag some tech debt, without having to copy-and-paste code snippets. CodeStream creates long-term value for that story as well. Imagine a new developer going to work on that code at some point in the future. They’ll see that there was an associated story, click on it, review the details, and better understand why the code looks the way it does today. And hopefully that knowledge makes their job just a little bit easier!


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