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CodeStream 1.1 - All new in-IDE signup flow

David HershDavid Hersh
June 4, 2019

With the latest version of CodeStream we set out to make a better first impression by rolling out an all-new signup flow. Signing up for CodeStream has never been easier, with the entire process now taking place right inside your IDE. If you’re signing up with Slack, you’ll still need to pop out to the web for Slack authentication, but otherwise no more bouncing back and forth between your IDE and the web.

If you’re already on CodeStream, why would you care about this? Because it’s the perfect time to get more of your teammates on to CodeStream! :-)

If your CodeStream team is connected to your Slack workspace, your teammates simply need to sign up for CodeStream using Slack. Otherwise, be sure to invite them. CodeStream invitations now include a code for them to use when signing up that makes the process even quicker.


Please share your thoughts and feedback @teamcodestream.

About CodeStream

CodesStream is an IDE extension that helps dev teams discuss, review, and understand code. Discussing code is now as simple as commenting on a Google Doc - select the code and type your question.

Integrates with Slack, Jira, Trello, Github, Live Share and more.

Check out the demo. We'd love to know what you think @teamcodestream.

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